Thursday, 12 May 2016

My latest trip and how I financed it.

I got the opportunity to travel to Chiang Mai in Thailand a few months ago but almost did not make it due to a lack of money. After my last trip to Spain, I was broke and in debt to the tune of a few thousand dollars.

Now in the past I have not been very good with money, spending more than I was earning and when
it came to travel I tend to max out my credit cards. While many can travel in Asia for $20 - £30 a day I tend to spend $100 or more as I like to stay in nice hotels and eat in fancy restaurants.

Now my credit score is low as a result of late payments etc. But I am learning and paying off my credit cards before I take my next trip, usually!

But a friend offered me his apartment for free in Thailand for a month in February and I managed to get a great price on airfares so I could not turn it down as I had always wanted to visit Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle in northern Thailand.

So I have to borrow the cash for the trip and I had difficulty raising the $1500 from my bank that I needed so I had to opt instead for an unsecured personal loan here. The interest rate is high but I am
committed to paying it back and clearing my credit card balances before my next trip.

By the way, Chiang Mai is awesome.

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